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LulzBot Bio 3D Bioprinter


The LulzBot Bio is a FRESH certified bioprinter ready for use with bioinks, unmodified collagen, and other soft materials for pharmaceutical/cosmetic testing, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine.  

*** PRE-ORDER of the LulzBot Bio 3D Bioprinter will be starting soon! ***

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The LulzBot Bio combines versatility with exceptional print quality in a compact and easy-to-use bioprinter. Certified for FRESH printing, the Bio includes everything you need to get started printing bioinks, unmodified collagen, and other soft materials. With an Open Source design and less than an hour of out-of-the-box setup time, the Bio’s capabilities can grow as fast as your innovation.

Bioprinting is revolutionizing pharmaceutical development, cosmetic testing, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine. 3D bioprinted tissues can be used to mimic in vivo conditions, enabling organizations to better predict efficacy and toxicology of potential drugs early on in the drug discovery process.



Syringe Pump Extruder

  • The syringe pump extruder design allows for precise control of material extrusion, enabling printing of high-detail objects in a wide range of materials with varying viscosities.
    • Note: The syringe pump extruder uses Hamilton Gas Tight 1000 Series Syringes (81420, 81520, and 81620) with X-Style Plunger and Luer Lock termination. The Bio will come with one Hamilton 2.5 mL Gastight Syringe Model 1002 TLL.

Ease to Use Interface

  • The Bio features a 4.5” glove-friendly touch screen and SD card slot for easy operation without the need to be tethered to a computer.

Material Options

  • The LulzBot Bio’s open materials system includes ready-to-print profiles for alginate and unmodified collagen. With a configurable syringe pump system and extrusion settings, the Bio is easily adjustable for new materials and processes.

Designed For The Lab

  • The small footprint and large build volume easily fits within laminar flow cabinets or on lab countertops. The rugged design can easily be sterilized for printing cells using isypropyl alcohol and UV lights.

Bed Heating

  • The LulzBot Bio’s variable temperature heated bed allows full control of environmental conditions during printing, ensuring the integrity of the print from start to removal.



  • Pharmaceutical & cosmetic testing
    • In vitro (in a test tube) testing aims to reduce failure rate (currently 90%+) of bringing drugs to market (costs ~$2.5b in 2018) by testing on bioprinted tissues in pre-clinical testing. The goal is to reduce failure when moving to phase 3 (clinical) trials (estimated 50% failure rate in clinical trials).
    • Can be used to recreate physiology to study disease.
    • Testing on kidney and liver cells are of particular importance.
  • Tissue Engineering – The practice of combining scaffolds, cells, and biologically active molecules into functional tissues.
    • Long term goal of bioprinting human organs.
  • Regenerative Medicine – The process of replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function.
  • Education – The bio is expected to be extremely impactful for teaching life sciences in K-12.



Includes one-year warranty and access to technical support seven days a week. Optional one, two, or three-year extended warranty and support terms are available.


What's Included:

LulzBot Bio

Power Cord

USB Cord

SD Card

Quick Start Guide

FRESH certified Printer Bundle also includes the following:

50g Sodium Alginate

LifeSupport™ support material

1g Alcian Blue 8GX – Water soluble cationic dye

Calcium Chloride

Hamilton 2.5 mL Gastight Syringe Model 1002 TLL

Box of needles (50pk) - 25 gauge

Box of needles (50pk) - 30 gauge

2 Syringe thumb screws

35mm Petri dish

Glass 50mL Crystallizing Dish

Vacuum grease

Allen wrench set

Long nose pliers



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