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Lulzbot High Strength Bundle | LulzBot TAZ 6


Create high strength prints with exceptional mechanical properties and high heat resistance using this heavy duty 3D printer bundle.

The hardened steel components of the HS Tool Head enable printing of high strength, abrasive materials like carbon fiber filled and glass reinforced nylons.Combine this with a massive 280 x 280 x 250 mm build volume, the TAZ 6 3D printer set is perfect for a wide range of professional applications.


  • LulzBot TAZ 6 3D Printer
  • HS Tool Head | 0.8 mm
  • Universal Tool Head Adapter
  • TAZ Modular Print Bed Heater
  • TAZ Glass/PEI Print Surface
  • Two (2) Reels PA-CF by colorFabb
  • Three (3) Reels PLA by Verbatim
  • Two (2) Reels ABS by Chromastrand
  • FREE! Enclosure by Printed Solid

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