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Prusa Research Original Prusa i3 MK2S Multi Material Upgrade Kit

$419.99 $439.99

Original Prusa i3 MK2SĀ Multi MaterialĀ is the first consumer option available to print with up to 4 different materials or colors simultaneously. The use of up to 4 material feeders with only oneĀ hotendĀ makes the solution calibration free and much easier to useĀ than currently available systems.

Key features:

  • Perfect alignment during printing
  • Zero calibration
  • Build volume is identical to regular MK2
  • Special multiplexing board allows use of regular electronics -> upgradability
  • Genuine proven E3DĀ hotend
  • Hotend assembly is very light
  • Prints all materials including flexiblesĀ 

Filament holder is included!

The upgrade includes:

  • Plastic parts
  • fasteners
  • motors & electronics
  • spool holder
  • 4x Bondtech gears
  • E3D V6 full withĀ multimaterialĀ heatbreak

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