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About Makerwiz

Founded in 2014, Makerwiz is a creative enterprise in York Region dedicated to promoting the concepts and practices of the "Maker Movement" in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. The mission of Makerwiz is to empower a new generation of makers and inventors by fostering their knowledge and application of emerging creative technologies, such as 3D printing, robotics and electronics. Makerwiz provides training programs in the STEAM educational space. We are a provider of 3D printing services, equipments and creations to the Toronto 3D Hubs community and beyond. Makerwiz is authorized Canadian distributor or reseller for internationally prominent manufacturers such as 3Doodler, BEEVERYCREATIVE, BotFeederColorFabb, Craft UniqueFilabot, LulzBotMakerBot, PrintrbotProto-Pasta, ZMorph, and many others.