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Filabot Original


The folks at Filabot worked hard to bring you the best compact industrial quality filament making technology.

The Filabot Original is designed using the same proven techniques of large scale filament extruders. Every component of the Filabot was designed to fit just right. The enclosure is professionally fit and finished, and within it is our signature powerhouse extruder. This extruder has been designed from the ground up using parts that are made to last, thereby ensuring the longevity of the system. With the Filabot Original Extruder you will be making filament to feed your 3D printer at over 90% less than it costs compared to commercially purchased filament.


  • Cost Savings Over Filament - Save over 90% cost savings over purchasing expensive filament.
  • Custom Filament - Make carbon fiber filled filament, rainbow colored, wood-filled, and many other customized filaments.
  • Filament on Demand - Only make what you need when you need it, no waiting for filament to arrive.
  • Custom Colors - With a Filabot system you can make any length, long or short, of any color you need.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Uses very little power, about the same as a desktop computer.



  • Professional Enclosure - Beautifully designed and manufactured
  • High-Performance Feed Screw - Allows for optimum mixing, melting, and filament output.
  • Custom In-line Nozzle- Custom nozzle that tapers evenly all the way to the tip for maximum flow efficiency and filament quality.
  • Universal Power Input - Filabot Original can come as 110VAC or 220VAC as requested by customer
  • Max Temp: 450å¡C
  • Programmable Temperature Controller - Room Temperature to 450C
  • Temperature Settings: Can be set to stay constant at any temperature between 40å¡C to 400å¡C
  • Extrude Rate: 6ipm to 20ipm plastic and diameter dependent. (~1lb/hr)
  • Filament Output: 1.75mm, 2.85mm, and 3mm with provided interchangeable nozzles
  • Input Material: ABS, PLA, HIPS Pellets and Colorants (Provided Here)
  • Feed Screw Speed: 35RPM
  • Power Draw: ~500Watts
  • Enclosure Size: 17in by 7in by 8in

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