Filabot Original EX2


The Filabot - Original EX2 is built around the same base system as the Filabot - Original. However the EX2 version is more than 200% faster at making the filament then the base system. The EX2 version uses a custom feed screw. The staff at Filabot collaborated with industry leading plastic professionals, top level CAD designers, and top class machine shops to produce this screw. This screw is precision machined and precision ground, using only the best material. This EX2 makes a pound of filament in about 30 minutes. Compared to other machines that can take well over 3 to 4 hours. Not only is this screw fast, it is specifically designed for the application. This screw is designed to feed, melt, and pressurize plastic just like industrial machines, but in the Filabot EX2 system.

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