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Filabot Industrial Reclaimer

$9,359.99 $9,919.99

The Filabot Industrial Reclaimer is a commercial-quality plastic processing unit that granulates plastics down to a particle size that the Filabot can extrude. This unit stands 51" tall and has a 13.5" X 6.3" feed throat. It is powerful enough to effortlessly recycle failed 3D prints at 100% infill as well as other plastic material, allowing your organization to recover these resources for conversion into 3D filament. The unit processes material at a rate of up to 170 lbs/hr and operates at a low RPM, preventing thermal degradation of the regrind. Full technical support from Filabot is available.


  • Recycle failed 3D prints and filament
  • 230VAC 3 phase
  • Double-insulated, sound-proofed hopper
  • Hardened, economically replaceable knives and cutting chamber
  • Interchangeable processing screens optimized for the Filabot
  • Fast, tool-free clean outs and maintenance
  • 1-Year limited warranty
  • Full technical support from Filabot

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