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Mophie Belt Clip for iPhone 6 Plus


Mophie Belt Clip

The mophie belt clip gives you quick and convenient access to your juice pack and smartphone. The shatter-proof housing provides ultimate protection and the J hook design keeps your juice pack securely attached to your side, leaving your hands free to tackle whatever the day brings. The quick draw feature enables easy one-hand device removal and the rotating belt-clip provides access to your phone at any angle. Designed to fit mophie cases made for iPhone 6+


• Secure belt clip keeps your juice pack at your side and always within reach
• Full rotating belt clip enables access to your phone at any angle
• Quick draw feature allows for easy one-handed device removal
• Shatter-proof housing provides ultimate protection
• Pass-through design allows access to your headphone jack
• Designed to fit mophie cases made for iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 and S6 Edge

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