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Mophie Juice Pack Dock for iPhone 6/6s


Mophie Juice Pack Dock for iPhone 6

Charging made easy with the frictionless juice pack dock by mophie. Designed to work with juice pack and space pack cases for the latest iPhone products. Place your mophie case in the dock; the case & iPhone will begin charging together on contact.


• Designed for charging at the office or in your kitchen, bedroom or study, the juice pack Dock makes charging easier than ever. The juice pack or space pack for iPhone 6/6S or must be included for Dock to charge your iPhone.
• Integrated pogo pins enable friction-less charging on contact and make it easy to remove your juice pack using One hand while the dock stays put. Grab and go
• The solid and stable design keeps the Dock where you want it and provides a quick charge while eliminating the need to fuss with tangled cables, making it the perfect accessory for any space
• The stable, slightly slanted charging position makes it easy to use your phone's touchscreen and other features such as face time while charging.

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