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Mophie Powerstation Plus 3X for Micro


Mophie Powerstation Plus 3X Micro

The mophie powerstation plus features a first-class aluminum finish for a premium feel, and delivers up to 3X extra battery to extend the life of your smartphone, tablet or other USB device. Charging on the go has never been easier and a 2.4 amp output provides the fastest charging speeds available. The built-in cables allow you to charge and sync your devices without having to reach for any additional cables, while simultaneously recharging the powerstation plus unit when connected to a computer or wall outlet. And when not in use, the cables are neatly stowed away behind the hinged aluminum cover for that clean and compact aesthetic.


• Charging while on-the-go or when outlets and cables are not available
• 2.4A of high-current power delivers a quick charge to your smartphones and tablets while on-the-go
• The 5,000 mAh internal battery provides your devices with the power to keep them charged and ready when you need extra hours the most. (powerstation plus 3X)
• Up to 5.5 additional hours to your large tablet*
• Up to 7.5 additional hours to your small tablet*
• Up to 35 additional hours to your smart phone*
• Up to 60 additional hours to your wireless speakers*

**Additional hours of battery is estimated by comparing the mAh capacity of the powerstation plus battery to that of a Samsung Galaxy Note III, Samsung Galaxy Note II or HTC One during video playback, or that of a typical wireless speaker during audio playback.

• Built-in micro USB makes charging and syncing your devices easy, eliminating the need for additional cables.  
• Cables store neatly behind the hinged top cover for a clean, compact aesthetic

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