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Mophie Space Pack 32GB for iPad Mini Black


Mophie Space Pack 32GB for iPad Mini

mophie space pack for iPad mini provides up to 32GB of external storage and 100% extra battery with the flip of a switch to keep you fully charged. Pairing the space pack with the Space App gives you the power to save everything. Transfer, manage and share files between the space pack, your iPad, or a computer with ease. Take all your files with you and access everything through the Space App anytime, anywhere. Everyday protection, all day power, and enough storage for all your music, media and memories. Leave no file behind.


• With a flip of the switch you get up to 100% extra battery for an iPad mini
• The 8,000 mAh internal battery provides power on the go to keep you charged and ready for whatever the day brings.
• Store, manage and organize any type of file with ease.
• Priority Plus charging sends power to your iPad mini first while the space pack recharges.
• Pass-through sync is enabled when the space pack is connected to a computer via the included micro USB cable
• Complete edge-to-edge protection from everyday wear and tear
• 32GB of additional storage allows you to stop deleting and start saving all your favorite files.
• Up to 16,000 additional photos
• Up to 14 additional hours of video
• Up to 9,000 additional songs

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