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Mophie Space Pack 64GB iPhone 5/5s Black


Mophie Space Pack 64GB for iPhone 5/5s

The mophie Space Pack for iPhone 5 offers the unique combination of a battery pack and built-in storage- so you can save more photos, videos and music without having to delete others. Download mophie's Space app to manage, share and access these files. And then enjoy them for hours longer thanks to the battery pack, which nearly doubles the power of your iPhone battery.


• BOOST BATTERY LIFE - The mophie space pack lets you fully charge your iPhone with the flip of a switch. The space pack offers up to 100% additional battery life to your iPhone without having to plug it in to a charger.
• BUILT-IN LOCAL STORAGE - Stop deleting and start saving, with additional storage space for all your favorite photos, videos, music and documents.
• Share files with Space app
• Download the free mophie Space app to enjoy easy access to your iPhone content. The mophie Space app allows you to manage, organize, browse and share the content from your iPhone when you're on the go or connected to a computer.
• Up to 100% extra battery capacity for charging on-the-go
• The Space app allows you to easily manage, organize and share files on the Space Pack
• Take photos with the Space app and save them straight to the Space Pack without using any storage on your iPhone
• Play videos and music directly from the Space Pack through the iPhone
• Share content via Air Drop, email, iMessage, Dropbox and more
• Integrated four-light LED status indicator to show how much battery is left and allows access to Space Pack storage

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