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Mophie Spacestation 32GB


Mophie Spacestation 32GB

The mophie spacestation product combines advanced technology with universal power. A compact design with a premium look and feel delivers both external storage and power in one*! With an output of 2.4 amps to quick charge your smartphones and tablets and 32GB of external storage, the spacestation product is the perfect device for charging on-the-go while maintaining quick access to all of your files through the Space App any time, anywhere. Power for every device, and enough storage for everyone’s music, media and memories makes spacestation ideal for travelers and connected power users. Leave no file behind.


• Compatible with both iOS (7.0+) and Android (4.4+) operating systems
• 2.4A of high-current power delivers a quick charge to your smartphones and tablets while on-the-go
• Delivers up to 100% extra battery for an iPad mini; 300 – 400% for an iPhone 5s
• Priority Plus Charging sends power to the connected device first while the spacestation recharges.
• Portable, compact design with aerospace-grade aluminum finish provides a clean, premium feel.
• Access files, play music and watch videos stored on the spacestation product through your connected smartphone or tablet.

• 32GB of additional storage allows you to stop deleting and start saving all your favorite files.
• Up to 16,000 additional photos
• Up to 14 additional hours of video
• Up to 9,000 additional song

• The 6,000 mAh internal battery provides your devices with the power to keep them charged and ready when you need extra hours the most
• Up to 5.5 additional hours to your iPad*
• Up to 7.5 additional hours to your iPad mini*
• Up to 35 additional hours to your iPhone*
• Up to 39 additional hours to your iPod touch*

*Additional hours are estimated by comparing the mAh capacity of the spacestation battery to that of an iPad (4th generation), iPad mini (1st generation), iPhone 5, or iPod touch (5th generation) during video playback


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