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Peopoly Moai 200 SLA 3D Printer (Assembled)


Introducing the new Moai 200, with full laser and exposure control, high compatibility with 405 nm UV resin. Just like original Moai, the parts can be replaced with prior training. Moai 200 share many similar features with the original Moai and you can tap into the vibrant user base to trade tips and get help.

  • Print Volume: 200 x 200 x 250mm
  • Laser: 150mW 405nm solid state laser
  • Laser Spot size: 70um
  • Galvo: 40Kpbbs 
  • Vat:  FEP film based Vat
  • Software:  Peopoly Asura
  • Heated Chamber

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Lead time is currently 2-3 months.

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