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Printrbot Simple 3D Printer - Assembled + Simple X Axis Upgrade with Heated Bed


The Printrbot Simple has won “Best Portable 3D Printer for Schools” in Make Magazine’s 2015 Digital Fabrication Shootout!

“Still one of the best starter printers. And now with the included handle, a great mobile machine.” -Make Magazine

“3D Printer Shootout – $600 Printrbot vs. $20,000 uPrint SE Plus”Click here to see how the Simple squares off vs a $20,000 3D printer!

Printrbot’s first all-metal 3D Printer. The metal construction combined with a GT2 belt pulley system produces a 3D print that rivals those of other manufacturers which cost thousands more!

The Simple X Axis Upgrade increases the build volume of your Printrbot Simple to 10″ x 6″ x 6″ (X, Y, Z). If you want to print ABS in addition to printing larger, spring for the heated bed option.

Click here for installation instructions.

Click here for tips and configuration files for printing ABS.

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