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Sengled Boost Dimmable LED Light with Wifi Repeater


Sengled Boost

Say goodbye to Internet dead zones and slow Wi-Fi with the ingenious Sengled Boost: the Wi-Fi extender that's also a high-efficiency LED light. Boost gives you Wi-Fi where you want it. From your back yard, to your garage, to your bedroom. So go ahead and enjoy your shows, movies and music from anywhere in or around your home — along with an iOS/Android app for Wi-Fi setup and lighting control to keep your spaces bright.


• Install like any other light bulb. Easy to setup and enjoy the extended Wi-Fi signal coverage evenly.
• Supports two Wi-Fi network mode: Client / Access Point (AP)
• Two build-in antennas for high throughput data exchange rate of maximum 300Mbps.
• Compatible with most smart phones, tablets and computers that support Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard at 2.4GHz. Download the free Boost Android or iOS App to explore even greater functionality.
• Remote LED lights ON/OFF and dimming control individually or by group.

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