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Darth Vader Bust


Bust of Darth Vader, supervillain from Star Wars.

From Eastman:

Dun Dun Dun dun DUN Dun dun DUN Dun...

Now, everyone, stop requesting Darth Vader! He's here! Print him! Be happy!

My first memory of Vader is the scene in Empire where he chops off Luke's hand. I was probably way too young to watch it because it made such a lasting impression on me. While these days I'm more of a Trekker than a Star Wars fan I still enjoy the movies greatly (with a couple of exceptions), and sculpting Vader was ultimately inevitable.

I see you have re-designed him a bit...

I wanted to leave my own mark on this Vader, so I redesigned his body a bit, which I hope you don't mind. I believe the spirit of Vader is still there. I left the helmet as canon as I could!

This model was originally created by Eastman as a Star Wars Fan Art. Makerwiz is the Authorized Maker of 3D prints designed by Eastman.
The size of this model is ~160 x 144 x 250 mm. The material is PLA. The resolution is 0.2mm layer height. The infill is 15%.

Our 3D print featured in the product photos was printed using Matte Black PLA (from D3D), but we have over 60 vibrant colours available to choose from!

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