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Parthenon - Athens, Greece


Καλως ηρθες στην ΕΛΛΑΔΑ!

Welcome to Greece!

This version of the temple is actual state (ruins). Another version showing its hypothetical reconstruction is also available.

The Parthenon is the symbol of the city of Athens, all of Greece, and even western civilization! This monumental building is located in the heart of the Acropolis, an elevated ancient citadel of temples and government buildings. The Parthenon was built in the 5th century BC to commemorate victory over the Persian invaders. It was dedicated to Athena Parthenos (Athena the Virgin), where it gets its name from, and used to house a monumental statue of the goddess made of gold and ivory, along with other treasures and sculptures. 

This model was originally  created in 2014 by Dany Sánchez from MiniWorld3D but it has been improved and optimized in 2022. Makerwiz is the Authorized Maker of 3D prints designed by MiniWorld3D.

The size of this model is ~201 x 95 x 54 mm. The material is PLA. The resolution is 0.2mm layer height. The infill is 15%.

Our 3D print featured in the product photos was printed using Matte Kraft PLA (from D3D), but we have over 60 vibrant colours available to choose from!

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