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F&F Tower "El Tornillo" - Panama City, Panama


¬°Bienvenidos a Panam√°!

Welcome to Panama!

With its unique shape and rising over the landscape, the F&F Tower, also known by the locals as El Tornillo (the screw) is one of the most iconic buildings of Panama City. Its total height is 242.9 m (about 800 ft). It was finished in 2011, when it was selected among the best 10 skyscrapers by Emporis.

This model was originally modelled by MiniWorld3D designer Dany Sánchez. Makerwiz is the Authorized Maker of 3D prints designed by MiniWorld3D.

The size of this model is ~38 x 32 x 189 mm. The material is PLA. The resolution is 0.2mm layer height. The infill is 15%.

Our 3D print featured in the product photos was printed using Gentleman's Grey PLA (from Prusament), but we have over 60 vibrant colours available to choose from!

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