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JUGZ: The Great Canadian Milk Jug (Plaids Edition)


In Eastern Canada, we have a unique "First World Problem".

Since converting to metric in the late 1970s, most of our milk in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes are sold in bags. However, cold milk attracts condensation on the bags and would not fit into those mass-produced milk jugs due to friction and a tight air seal. As a result, the typical milk bag is not seated properly at the bottom of the jug, causing milk spill at first pour in households across the country. Such calamity!

But cry not! Enter JUGZ: the Great Canadian Milk Jug - Plaids Edition. Engineered to totally avoid spilt milk. Assuming just 5% of all milk saved in Canada (total annual consumption is 2,500,000,000 litres), this jug will have the potential to save a whopping 125 million litres of milk from going to waste. That's about 50 Olympic-size (50-metre) swimming pools!

Avoiding food wastage is one of the biggest things individuals can do to combat climate change. So here's our little contribution to fighting the global climate crisis while saving you money and keeping the little ones smiling. Enjoy!

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