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Ornamental Charmander


Charmander¬†(/ňąt É…Ďňźrm√¶nd…ôr/), known as¬†Hitokage¬†(„Éí„Éą„āę„ā≤)¬†in Japan, is a¬†Pok√©mon species¬†in¬†Nintendo's and¬†Game Freak's¬†Pok√©mon¬†franchise. Created by¬†Atsuko Nishida,[1]¬†Charmander first appeared in the video games¬†Pok√©mon Red¬†and¬†Blue¬†and subsequent sequels, later appearing in various merchandise, spinoff titles, and various movies, animated and printed adaptations of the franchise. The end of a Charmander's tail is alight with a flame, and the flame's size reflects both the physical health and the emotions of the individual. It is known as the Lizard Pokemon.

Charmander is one of three 'starter' Pok√©mon that can be selected at the beginning of¬†Pok√©mon Red¬†and¬†Blue, and their remakes,¬†Pok√©mon FireRed¬†and¬†LeafGreen. In the anime,¬†Ash¬†acquires a Charmander early in the series, and it became one of his most used Pok√©mon. In the¬†Pok√©mon Adventures¬†manga,¬†Blue¬†receives a Charmander from his grandfather¬†Professor Oak. Since it appeared in the¬†Pok√©mon¬†series, Charmander has received generally positive reception. Charmander first appeared in episode 11 of¬†Pok√©mon Indigo League¬†("Charmander ‚Äď The Stray Pok√©mon" (The Stray Pok√©mon ‚Äď Hitokage)). In the episode, Charmander is left by its owner, Damian, and is rescued by Ash and Brock. When Damian sees how powerful Charmander is, he calls Charmander back. However, because of Damian's abuse, Charmander chooses to follow the group that saved its life, and becomes Ash's Pok√©mon. In the series, the narrator stated that if a Charmander's tail flame goes out, it dies. Charmander is used by Ash throughout his adventures and is seen in special episodes in the future.

Charmander evolves into Charmeleon at level 16, who then evolves into Charizard at level 36, which was originally its last form. Since the release of Pokémon X and Y, Charizard can mega evolve into 2 different types of Mega Charizard, which are Mega Charizard X or Mega Charizard Y, for the duration of a battle. This gives it temporary upgraded stats and a major damage bonus. Charmander is a stray Pokémon.

Ornamental Pokémons have decorative textures reminiscent of damask fabric patterns popular during the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment. 

This model was originally created by Filament's Folly as a Pokémon Fan Art. Makerwiz is the Authorized Maker of 3D prints designed by Filament's Folly.

The size of this model is ~99 x 133 x 125 mm. The material is PLA. The resolution is 0.15mm layer height (0.2mm for the flame). The infill is 15%.

Our 3D print featured in the product photos was printed using Prusa Orange and Lipstick Red PLA (from Prusament), but we have over 60 vibrant colours available to choose from!


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