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Ornamental Gengar


Gengar is a Ghost type Pokemon that seeps into the shadows of people and Pokemon to scare them for fun. The Leer in the darkness belongs to a Gengar. If you feel an attacking sudden chill of 10¬įF cooler, its trying to curse you. If it does this, there's no escape. Give up. Even your home isn't safe. Gengar will lurk in whatever dark corner of a room it can find and wait for its chance to catch its prey. It likes to attack people in the mountains. Sometimes, on a dark night, your shadow thrown by a streetlight will suddenly and startlingly overtake you. It's actually a Gengar running past you, pretending to be your shadow. It often tries to steal the life force of people. It apparently wishes for a traveling companion. Since it was once human itself, it tries to create one by taking the lives of other humans. If your shadow begins to laugh, you must take hold of a protective charm immediately! Initially created by¬†Satoshi Tajiri¬†and¬†Ken Sugimori,¬†it has become one of the most popular Pok√©mon, placing tenth on the¬†Google¬†Pok√©mon of the Year 2020¬†poll.¬†Kotaku's¬†Zack Zwiezen said Gengar was "one of [their] favorite gen 1 designs", calling it a "great design [because] it‚Äôs simple, yet not boring or generic".¬†Gengar has appeared in many Pok√©mon spin-offs or crossovers, including¬†Pokk√©n Tournament¬†and¬†Pok√©mon Unite.

Ornamental Pokémons have decorative textures reminiscent of damask fabric patterns popular during the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment. 

This model was originally created by Filament's Folly as a Pokémon Fan Art. Makerwiz is the Authorized Maker of 3D prints designed by Filament's Folly.

The size of this model is ~195 x 150 x 175 mm. The material is PLA. The resolution is 0.15mm layer height. The infill is 15%.

Our 3D print featured in the product photos was printed using Galaxy Purple (from Prusament), but we have over 60 vibrant colours available to choose from!


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